Creative Reset 2020. Planning for Uncertainty.

Work with me to use this time right now to reset your business

Come and join me for my FREE 5-day Creative Reset 2020 programme. 

With so many people in business experiencing slow down, cancellations and having to adapt to more remote working, I wanted to do something to help and support.

These are unprecedented and worrying times for many of us, I’m sure. But knowing that we have got a flexible plan to get through and emerge stronger on the other side is a massive help.

I’ve created this programme so that you can:

  • Use some of your newly-available time to take a step back from your business, think about your immediate priorities and get an action plan together for dealing with the challenges ahead
  • Work out how you can adapt more of what you do to be delivered online – and quickly
  • Use any additional time to prioritise and progress some of those things you’ve been meaning to do for ages
cover of creative reset playbook with coffee, laptop, organiser
Cover of the Creative Reset 2020 Playbook

When you sign up, you’ll get all of this for free…

  • My Creative Reset 2020 Playbook packed with tips, tools and techniques and a step-by-step process for creating your plan
  • Daily emails from me for 5 days with guidance that will support you through the process
  • My direct contact email so that you can get in touch if there’s anything I can help with one-to-one

Getting Started

You’ll start by completely emptying everything that’s going on in your head right now about your business onto paper, using the simple process that I set out for you in your Creative Reset Playbook. You will focus on answering the questions:

  • What am I most concerned about now, and why?
  • What new opportunities are there for me and my business right now?

I will also send you a personalised video message to welcome you to the programme that I will record just for you.

Creative Reset – Business Bullet-Proofer

You’ll use my Business Bullet-Proofer activity to identify and plan for your top 5 risks and opportunities, building on your work in the previous step. This is really empowering and de-stressing, because it puts you in the driving seat of your business. You’ll have a clear view of what you can control, and how – plus what you can’t control, so you can prepare for it at least.

Sample pages What's on your mind? and the Business Bullet-Proofer inside spread from the Creative Reset Playbook
Sneak peek – Creative Reset Playbook

Power Moves

You’ll focus on your ‘power moves’ and storyboard you action plan. Your power moves are the targeted actions that will make the biggest, most meaningful difference to helping your business to thrive right now.

Power moves and storyboard templates inside the Creative Reset playbook
Inside the Creative Reset Playbook

Creative Reset ‘The One Thing’

By this stage, your plans will now be in place to get from where you are now to where you want to be, for you and your business to thrive now and in the future.

It’s time to think about the ‘one thing’ that you’ve been wanting or meaning to do for your business for a while, but have never had (or created!) the time to do.

You’ll brain dump all these things, with no judgment or evaluation. Just get them out onto the page as a mind map, with ‘The things I’ve been meaning to do’ at the centre.

Some examples of things that you may have been meaning to do might include:

  • Writing a book
  • Getting your website or email list sorted
  • Focusing on a better work / life balance
  • Learning a new skill, such as social media marketing or coding

In your mind map, I’ll ask you to expand as much as possible on WHY you want to do these things, and the difference you think they will make to you and your business.

You’ll make your mind map as rich as possible with the content of all your thoughts and then pick the ONE THING from your mind map that you think will make the biggest difference to you and your business. I’ll ask you think about and write down:

  • What you’re going to
  • Why you’re going to do it
  • When you’re going to do it
  • Who you need to help you
  • How you’re going to make sure you succeed
Mind mapping and the one thing template inside the Creative Reset playbook
Mind mapping and ‘the one thing’ activity

Resilience and Change

Finally you’ll learn about resilience, change and how your mindset can help you.

Resilience is the ability to:

  • Bounce back from adversity
  • Keep going when things get hard, or when you are lacking motivation
  • Pace yourself so that you can cope successfully, and with the ups and downs of life and work

It is a moveable feast. Our ability to cope fluctuates depending on a whole range of things, including:

  • What else might be going on
  • Who else is involved
  • What has actually happened
  • Whether you, or someone else, are having a good or bad day

You can read more about How to grow your entrepreneurial resilience in my more detailed article here.

Resilience and the change curve

We are living in fast changing, unpredictable times for sure!

Being aware of the psychological impact of change on people, and the different ways that this impact might show itself, is essential if you want to create and ride-out transformational change successfully.

Change can be challenging because it’s often mentally, emotionally and physically easier to stay as we are. All too often, people are only motivated to change because there is a compelling imperative, and unfortunately, this can be that things have become so bad that the effort and disruption of change are perceived to be better than staying the same.

Your Success Strategy for Change

Before you can lead or work optimally with anyone else through transformational change, it’s important that you are ready to embrace the change.

It’s ok to feel somewhat nervous or apprehensive, especially if the change is a big and important one. If you do feel this way, embrace the change by seeing it as an exciting or stretching challenge. Prepare yourself by thinking through all the key risks and opportunities, and how you’re going to deal with them if they come up. Doing this increases your self-efficacy or how confident you feel about dealing with the transformation, i.e. you perceive the effort and disruption of change to be better than staying the same.

When we experience change, our emotions go on a journey that is often represented as the Kubler-Ross Change Curve, shown in the playbook pages above. Checking in with yourself to see where you are on the Change Curve can really help your resilience through improved understanding. You can also make choices to move yourself along the curve.

resilience plan for entrepreneurs inside the creative reset 2020 playbook
Personal resilience plan

In my free Creative Reset 2020 programme, you’ll use the downloadable playbook to create your own strategy for personal resilience in the face of challenging change.

We’re all stronger together. 

Hope you come and join me.

Dr. Jo x

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